Infrared Dimmer (Harmony-Compatible Upgrade)

$6.95 $12.95

Infrared Dimmer (Harmony-Compatible Upgrade) - Bias Lighting

$6.95 $12.95

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After many requests from customers, and an exhaustive search, were are happy to be able to offer these infrared remote control and dimmer module combos for use with all MediaLight versions (5v USB and 12v). 

For the time being, you can use the IR remote to train your Universal Remote, but we hope to be able to have these remotes added to their database (or to find an existing code that works -- we don't make these dimmers and they've been on the market for some time).  

We've opted not to customise the remote controls to keep the price down.  (We believe that most people choosing IR over radio frequency are doing so because they plan to use a universal remote control anyway). 





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