The MediaLight Quad (for flush wall mounts)


The MediaLight Quad (for flush wall mounts) - Bias Lighting
The MediaLight Quad (for flush wall mounts) - Bias Lighting The MediaLight Quad (for flush wall mounts) - Bias Lighting The MediaLight Quad (for flush wall mounts) - Bias Lighting The MediaLight Quad (for flush wall mounts) - Bias Lighting The MediaLight Quad (for flush wall mounts) - Bias Lighting The MediaLight Quad (for flush wall mounts) - Bias Lighting


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The MediaLight Quad was created by our customers.  Every day, via our online chat, we received numerous requests for a larger system that allowed for an even surround even on a flush-mounted TV.  

To us, reference usually beats preference in the home theatre debate, but we realised that we could provide both, as long as we wouldn't have to compromise on accuracy. Don't get us wrong, we still don't think that it's necessary to light evenly for bias lighting to be effective (in fact Joe Kane has argued that uneven bias lighting has some advantages), but our customers spoke and we listened. This is the result. 

It was very important to us that the Quad be able to run off of the same USB 3.0 (this was the second most-popular feature), so we devised a layout that worked without requiring a 12v adapter (we still include a 5v adapter, or you can use the TV's USB 3.0 port).

The MediaLight Quad includes:

  • 122 High-Accuracy SMD chips (LED's) with a 4-way splitter (almost 3x as many lights as our single strip and more than 3x more than our twin strip)
  • 8 VHB supplemental adhesive strips and 2 VHB discs
  • High-accuracy 6500K CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature)
  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 93 Ra (all MediaLight bias lights are now 93 Ra)
  • Over 2,000 lm
  • 5V USB Powered (can be powered by any TV with a USB 3.0 port - or use the included UL-listed AC adapter)
  • Included wire routing clips (to keep things tidy)
  • Included Radio frequency PWM dimmer
  • Peel and stick authentic 3M mounting adhesive
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty


For the anal-retentives among us who ask,"but, does this light run from edge-to-edge on my TV? Our answer is, "yes, on a 65 inch display."  

On a larger display, you will be able to place an array of 4 strips to achieve a very balanced surround.  You don't need to run from edge to edge (please don't buy two sets, it really is overkill).  Remember, the light will diffuse naturally.  

The strips are 48 inches x2 and 30 inches x2, respectively 

For example: A 65 inch screen is approximately 56.5 inches in width.  This leaves approximately 4 inches on each side of the screen.  The result is an even, pleasing surround even for the most discerning customer.

We've beta tested this unit on TV's up to 85" and the light reaches perfectly from end-to-end.  It looks great.  Don't believe us? Order one and return it for a refund if you are not ecstatic.

The Quad is also the first MediaLight model to include supplemental adhesive right in the box.  We are also now including VHB (3M very high bond tape) with all versions of the MediaLight on our site (and all orders placed elsewhere once those sites have sold their current stock). As always, if you don't need the supplemental adhesive, DON'T use it.  It may make repositioning or removing the lights difficult (or impossible). How do you know if you don't need it? Try to install without it first.  If the lights seem to sag after about an hour, use the VHB, especially at each end each strip.

None of the other LED bias lights on the market even come close to 6500K. We bought them all during development of the MediaLight. Ours are dead-on. We guarantee it.  

Check out what professional colourists are saying.

Our bias lights are custom built with light emitting diodes of the highest quality and accuracy. We may not be able to make all of your dreams come true, but we can at least solve your bias light problems. Your search for an accurate 6500K bias light ends now.

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